Good news, everyone! I have decided to rewrite my first novel, formerly known as Blind Salvation. Anyone who knows me well knows I have wanted to do this for years. ‘

   I had a lot of fun when I wrote Blind Salvation, and, although it wasn’t the first novel or story I ever thought up (the Bombastic Pencil Man and the novel that eventually became Catherine: Forever with Love can attest to that), it was the first full-length novel I ever followed through with to the end. The standards I set when I was sixteen-years-old are a lot different than the standards I have as a twenty-four-year-old. I have always regarded Blind Salvation as a showcase of how far I have come and how much I have improved, but I want it to be more than that. I don’t like that I have a whole novel I thought up that I am not confident enough in to bring to Comic Cons or advertise with Mishmashers Publishing, and I have decided it is time I do something about it.

   Black & Yellow is the new branding I have chosen for Blind Salvation, both as a semblance of all the changes and improvements I intend, but also as a fresh start for the series and its main-protagonist.

   Black & Yellow isn’t a project I will commit all of my time toward (I still want to have Roxwale: The Heir’s Brother, The Canes III, and the Rabies & Germs: Anthology available by the end of the year), but I will allocate a healthy amount of time toward it. Readers can look for it on Readers Digested, where I will add full chapters to the (Free) section as they are completed. As of today, I have added the “Introduction” for the novel, and will add at least a couple of chapters in April.

   The rewrites are thorough and extensive, and aren’t as simple as a “new draft,” and so, it will take a little longer as a result. For instance, I have edited about 4,500 words of the original finished manuscript and I have removed 1,000 words from it and have added at least 200 in turn.

   I am hopeful the new novel will be released in August of this year with new cover work. For years, I have tinkered with the idea of a sequel, but the quality of the first novel meant that wasn’t an option. I have about twenty-thousands words written of a sequel I wrote in high school shortly after I wrote the first. A lot of it isn’t recoverable, but some of it will be recyclable for the followup, Black & Yellow 2: Happily Forever Dafter. I intend to go straight into editing and adding the sequel to Readers Digested once I finish the first.

   That’s about all I have to say about the project at the moment. Since Lunacy’s Dance is out now, my focus will be on a novella I am preparing called The One Two Punchline and my eighth novel Roxwale: The Heir’s Brother.

Take it easy,