Some are born with
a silver spoon.
I was born with
a golden noose.
Ties around me,
like a leash,
from room to room,
it follows me.

If we’re all God’s children,
then, here’s my retort:
Where, oh, where is Mommy’s
child support?
At least thirty-six virgins
belong to her,
and if women are man’s bone,
make a brothel slash rib-cage!

A sterile man holding his breath
has no heir.
If the bar is an orphan,
then I’m here to raise it.
Because my mind’s a safe,
I think I’ve cracked.
Sanity, I see,
highest shelf,
out of reach,
my grip
on reality.

With the long end of a wish bone,
I cop a wasteful plea,
to slice through all my ailments
and bring myself back to me.
But my wish goes unanswered,
like the prayer’s of a killer,
trying to hide away a body,
so that I only have my mind.

Unbutton my skin,
stuff it under the bed
and only just be me.
But, yet,
the world’s filled with me’s,
me’s everywhere,
me’s two’s,
me’s three’s,
am I the only one?

My light’s are out,
but everyone’s home,
playing in the dark,
screaming at the top of our lungs.
Neighbors call the cops,
adjacent buildings,
close by houses,
a vacant lot
yet voices roam.

I’m authentic;
And my own thoughts,
Narrator, omnipresent,
I know nothing,
but I know everything about it.

If my noose were to leave,
it’s in truth, I believe,
it doesn’t mean
the damage wasn’t done,
and I’m not already dead.

 Fingers to my head,
cock the first digit of my hand.
I blow my own prints off,
so my one uniqueness’s forgotten.

Introspective thoughts,
all of this battling on my land.
I can’t seem to overcome
or even make you understand.

The reaper cuts his grass,
trim and neat is every blade.
But none are intricate,
we’re all growing just to fade.
Our roots are in the ground
and sound an eternal, sudser fate.
In the end, we’ll end up nowhere,
curtains close when it gets late.

The trinkets of our time,
all our knickknacks bobble down.
When water’s overhead,
see life’s a gimcrack as we drown.

Can’t wrap my mind around a noose.
I hang mistletoe atop the string.
If end’s what you’re searching for,
a flirt with death will surely bring.

But I disagree, you crazy voice,
with all the words you always say.
I will not leave myself,
I’ll live to fight another day.

I’ll never let you break me open
or spill the fibers of my being.
Scrape the insides out of me
and I will not feel a thing.
Rip out my vocal cords
and I’ll gladly live in silence.
Beat me with all you have,
won’t fall down from all your violence.
Go haunt someone else’s dreams,
there’s nothing in it for you with me.
I won’t give you want you want,
I take control, lucidity.

Search for deeper purpose, got.
Accept nothing, never, not.
Vaccination for all that’s wrong.
Exit out from all your sorrow.

Make yourself find what you want,
yank it down and make it yours.
See it now and now become.
Everyone else will follow suit,
Like yourself and don’t succumb.
Free yourself from all of it.

Tried your best and you failed,
fight back up and try again.
Craziness is at the door,
open it, say “welcome, friend.”
With control comes art.

Every path will lead us somewhere.
Our decisions concoct who we will be.
A good head is on your shoulders,
a lot of weight is on your shoulders,
would you like to take the edge off with me?

Land face first on asphalt,
drown yourself in the blood.
Let the idea soak in.
Bring it all to an end.

It’d be awfully swell,
if you’d please die with me.
Everyone’s doing it.

Jump off of a bridge.
land on the sharp rocks.

Play violin on your wrist.
Individual’s none.

Stand below the sun,
melt away just like ice.

All the cool kids are doing it.

Don’t weather the weather of a thunderstorm,
let lightning strikes twice on your fallen corpse.

Go to Hell’s Kitchen just to pick up a snack,
a cake full of cyanide to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Sleep inside a car and inhale the exhausts,
seems a tiring job, but your wheels will stop turning.

If you have one and one, then it makes two,
but if you subtract, the answer’s escape.
A solace and sanctum for the wicked ones,
yourself a martyr for a useless cause,
but at least it will be over.

At least you’ll be able to get some sleep!
Resign from the world, your pay was too cheap.
Hang yourself like the munchkin down the yellow brick road.
it’s Wizard of Oz, and you’ve got the Dorothy blues.

Seems a lot better than just being alone,
step to the plate and break your battered bones.
Ghost-man’s on first and now ghost-man’s on second.
Bring it home, slugger,
bring it all to an end.

Life is a joke.
Strengthen the punch-line.
Give them something to laugh about.

I will not be leaving,
I will not go away,
I’ll always be here,
for as long as you stay.
I follow you,
room to room,
every corridor,
every alleyway,
I’ll always be there.
Watching and waiting.
You’ll never escape me.
I’ll always be with you.

Maybe it’s love.