The second official novel in The Aeonian Fantasy series, Katalene the Hollow is the first in the series from a chronological standpoint. The novel following the young Katalene on the search for adventure with her older brother Rooven is far removed from the main-story arc of The Aeonian Fantasy. However, it does shed some light on a necklace that is seen in The Red Flux & the Wunderkind Thief and it does include backstory on key members of Kudos, The Hallows, and The Carvers; three key antagonists in the universe. Whereas the main series occurs in Maharris, Katalene the Hollow actually happens in an area called Zeal (comprised of Jerleak, Wilson, Tuncid, etc.) or the Whispey Deserts. The Whispey Deserts seen in The Red Flux are, in-fact, the same Whispey Deserts in The Red Flux, the only difference is that they occur on different sides (one closer to Maharris, one closer to Zeal).

   Although Roxwale: The Heir’s Brother is largely removed from the main story of The Aeonian Fantasy series, that should not necessarily underplay its significance overall. Whereas the main series occurs in Maharris, Roxwale: The Heir’s Brother actually happens in an area called Olzaric. Olzaric can be reached from Maharris by crossing the Amisoic Sea on the side closest to Italina and Hardan. The novel follows a man named Roxwale on his journey to confront The Queen of Bahal. The novel happens around the same time as Katalene the Hollow and is, likewise, mostly standalone. It will shed some light on our antagonists, however.

   Perhaps the most significant installment in the The Aeonian Fantasy series so far as it pertains to the greater universe beyond The Red Flux Trilogy. The Red Flux follows a thief named Secrat who is exiled from his traveling troupe of thieves and temporarily relocates to the Whispey Deserts. There, he meets a woman named Christique donning a necklace with the emblem of a dragon and tries to steal it. This is a direct tie-in to Katalene the Hollow. Afterward, as Secrat tried to regain the trust of the Flux, he briefly meets members of The Hallow (the antagonists of Katalene) and The Carvers, and observes the changes that seem to be going on through Maharris. The novel is set within Maharris and sees him travel across many landmark areas such as Acera and Italina. The novel happens many decades after the events of either Roxwale or Katalene.