Hey, I am Nicholas McConnaughay

Have you ever been at a job interview and been asked what your biggest strength and your biggest weakness is? Not to be that putz that says “I’m too darn ambitious,” but I believe it is an accurate way to describe my best and worst trait. I always feel a sense of urgency and I always plan far, far ahead. I have to reel myself back every now and again so’s not to jump the gun on anything, but I embrace it as well. After all, it’s my best trait too. On this page, I will share information on my current six projects and their development. Make sure to check back because I will update often. (Last update: – 5/12/2020)


Lunacy’s Dance

   Lunacy’s Dance is now officially completed! Readers can find Lunacy’s Dance on Amazon for Kindle and Paperback.


The One-Two Punchline (Backburner)

   The One Two Punchline is a horror-of-personality novelette that I am writing for the Readers Digested anthology aptly named “Rabies & Germs“. Thus far, I have written 13,000 words and could foresee it wrapping up at under 20,000 altogether. However, I have since become preoccupied with other projects that have taken priority. I hope to return to it soon.


Roxwale: The Heir’s Brother (Currently Working On…)

   I have been doing rewrites for Roxwale: The Heir’s Brother lately. On one-hand, it means you can’t really appreciate its progression by mere numbers alone. Currently, about 24,000 words of Roxwale are ready for publication and about 42,000 words have been written. I hope for the novel to land somewhere in the 80 – 90k territory when all is settled. Currently, this is the project I am committed to most consistently.


The Canes III (First Draft Completed)

   The first draft of “my half” of The Canes III is finished. I now await Scott’s first draft of his “half,” thereafter, we will publish the novel. Plan’s to have it out in time for the holidays this year. 

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The Black Sands Saga (back Burner)

   The Black Sands Saga is comprised of four key stories: Marx, Spade, Salutations, and The City of Vultures. As of this moment, I envision each novel as about 100,000 words apiece and I have about 25,000 words written on Spade and Marx, respectively. I want to publish Marx, Spade, and Salutations the same day with The City of Vultures coming out later on. Currently, The Black Sands Saga is on the back-burner but I will return to it shortly.


The Red Flux & the King’s Crown (Back Burner)

   I have been excited to write a sequel to The Red Flux & the Wunderkind Thief for a while now and I am hopeful I will begin work on it shortly. Before that, not only do I need to finish Roxwale, but I need to do outlines for The Red Flux and where I would like the sequel to head. I have never outlined prior, but now that The Aeonian Fantasy has become more complex, I feel it would be beneficial. 


Syd Altayo (Back Burner) 

   Syd Altayo is a serial adventure series based in the same world as The Canes series. I have begun gentle-mapping for it, but it is on the back-burner at the moment. However, the episodic format entails I can jump on and off the series liberally.


Cotton: The Spinster’s Daughter (Currently Working On…)

   Cotton: The Spinster’s Daughter is an experiment. I am writing the novel but my wife Beccah Grace is dictating much of the outline and is a heavy consultant chapter-to-chapter. I am hopeful I will be able to write the novel and it not divert me from other projects. As of now, I have written about 5,000 words of Cotton. I intend to make Cotton available free-of-charge in some form in the near future.


Rabies & Germs / Anthology Series (Ongoing…)

   Rabies and Germs: Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 are hands-on-hands-off projects for my involvement in my Readers Digested horror brand. I will write a couple of novellas for the occasion (The One Two Punchline is one of them) and the rest will be fellow contributors of the brand. I am hopeful to have both Anthology installments available by Halloween this year, but we’ll see if that pans out. I have a third Anthology in mind as well, but that will be a ways off.


Black & Yellow (Back burner)

   This is a rewrite of my first novel Blind Salvation. I have edited the first 9,000 words of the novel and have about 54,000 words left. This is a passion project above all else and thereby I don’t have a time-table I am married to for it. I will work on it when I can. Best case, probably August or October of this year.

   I have about 15,000 words written for the sequel. I don’t know how much of that will be usable and how much won’t (it has been half a decade since I looked at it), but I think it’d be cool to have an episodic series for the character. Maybe I’ll have him as a reoccurring character on the Anthology series.