Hey, I am Nicholas McConnaughay

Have you ever been at a job interview and been asked what your biggest strength and your biggest weakness is? Not to be that putz that says “I’m too darn ambitious,” but I believe it is an accurate way to describe my best and worst trait. I always feel a sense of urgency and I always plan far, far ahead. I have to reel myself back every now and again so’s not to jump the gun on anything, but I embrace it as well. After all, it’s my best trait too. On this page, I will share information on my current six projects and their development. Make sure to check back because I will update often.


Lunacy’s Dance

   The development on Lunacy’s Dance has been rougher than I would like to admit. I fear I have a penchant for making horror novels more difficult than they need be as the same could have been said about my first foray into the genre with Catherine: Forever with Love. That novel and this novel are spiritual cousins, in some respects, and while they are unique and standalone, I believe I was on the same train of thought with both of them.

   I feel like I had to write Lunacy’s Dance in the same way I had to write Catherine and I think they both serve as an appropriate love letter to the eighties horror I fell in love with and was influenced by, and also stand as their own unique, peculiar genre entries.

   As of January 31st, Lunacy’s Dance has begun the publication process and I couldn’t be more happy about that! The novel is premiering as a work-in-progress on our Mighty subscription service and can be read with a $3.99 subscription. The first four chapters were made available to start.

   Currently, I am still working on Lunacy’s Dance, but I should be wrapping things up shortly. I have everything prim and proper for the February 29th update that will see the next four chapters made available and I am about halfway finished with the March 31st update, which will hopefully be where everything’s finished. It will definitely be available on Smashwords and Amazon sometime in April.

   The story is of a college field-trip to a famous mountain gone awful! This surrealist supernatural horror bends reality at its whim for a wild ride. The book is filled with mayhem and bloodshed, but is careful and thoughtful with its characters, desiring for each of them to have some form of character arch.


Roxwale: The Heir’s Brother

   What can I say about Roxwale: The Heir’s Brother? The project was originally meant as a collaborative project between Scott Moore and myself. This would have been on the order of how we do The Canes series, where I write one character and he writes one character, and they intermingle inside of this interconnected world. Something you might not know is that Scott and have tried and failed to collaborate on other projects in the past. That new book of his Uprising: Groundborn was originally The Uprising Chronicles and was intended as a team effort. That fell apart though, and, in a similar way, so did this recent attempt – The Chosen Two. The problem wasn’t to do with a lack of interest, but, instead, our ambition got the better of us and pulled us in our own unique direction. Now, Roxwale: The Heir’s Brother and whatever Scott will call his future book are blood-related in some ways, but otherwise standalone and unique from each other. In-fact, Roxwale: The Heir’s Brother will take place in the world of The Aeonian Fantasy, the same as my previous fantasies The Red Flux and Katalene the Hollow, respectively.

   This doesn’t mean you can expect Secrat from The Red Flux to show up and nick something from Roxwale and you certainly shouldn’t expect Katalene‘s dragon to swoop down and cause pandemonium – but that doesn’t mean they don’t play a role in The Aeonian’s greater lore. Like Katalene and Flux before it, this is a standalone novel about one character’s plight in a much larger world. 

   I am a little shy of 50,000 words on the novel at the moment and it has been a while since I have dusted it off. This is because I had a break where I worked on The Canes III and began editing for the publication of Lunacy’s Dance, I intend to return to it as soon as I can. Look for the novel to premiere on the Mighty Subscription Service in April or May this year and a Smashwords and Amazon release sometime in the Summer.

   The book is about a young prince named Roxwale who is a, more-or-less, unfit protagonist. He isn’t particularly handsome or mighty, nor is he a skilled warrior or a tactful war technician. His claim to fame is in his birth name whereas his brother Prince Palon has all the advantages a person could ask for. The novel sees him dealt a fiendish blow, however, when he is bit by a poisonous insect, resulting in the loss of his leg, as well as mysterious hallucinations from a horned goddess. Roxwale: The Heir’s Brother follows him on his journey to find the Queen of Bahal and, maybe even, himself.


The Canes III (Name Pending)

   I first envisioned the idea for Vulpecula & the Canes Vinatici back in early-2012 as a side-project as I wrote The Aeonian (both projects that have yet to see the light of day). However, it wasn’t until late-2013 I began writing The Adventures of Vulpecula that would one day be seen in The Canes Files. Years after, Scott Moore became involved in the project and by early-2018, we brought the first full-length book out for public consumption. Less than a year later and we had The Canes Awaken out as well for 2019!

   It is 2020 now and that begs the question of when The Canes III will arrive on your bookshelves or as a downloaded file on your eBook reader. Although the turnaround time won’t be as swift, we do intend to have the third book available this year. As a matter of fact, late last year I even finished the first draft of Vulpecula’s story. For the most part, the ball is in Scott Moore‘s court now and I will largely be waiting on him to start and finish his half of the book. Our plan is to have The Canes III available in Fall 2020.

   The sequel will follow Vulpecula Noel on his journey of self-discovery and insatiability, looking to drown his misery and woes, yet finding himself unable to turn a blind-eye to what is happening around him. One of the biggest fundamental ingredients in writing this third book for me was the value of life – be it the value of a victim or the value of Vulpecula’s own life and how he processes that information.


The Black Sands Saga

   Although it isn’t exactly on the up-and-up to refer to The Black Sands Saga as my fourth, fifth, and sixth project, I do intend to release it as a three-part series in the same general time-frame. It feels like this series has been my Moby Dick for as long as I can recall. I had mapped out several different iterations of this narrative, but none of them had stuck until now. I had written over 20,000 words worth of material for a novel called This is Fiction (effectively what will now be Spade) only to throw all of it away and start over from scratch. I had mapped out a sequel to my very first novel Blind Salvation and wrote-up over 20,000 words worth of material, and threw it away as well. That’s around 200-pages worth of material all left by the wayside in the pursuit of The Black Sands Saga.

   As of now, The Black Sands Saga is in early-development. I am roughly 25,000 words into Spade20,000 words into Marx, and 4,000 words into Salutations, and am not entirely certain how extensive my coverage of the characters will reach.

   The best way I can describe The Black Sands Saga is to say that: (1) the book Spade follows a young, struggling actor named Jeremy Crider who turns to crime as a way of making ends meet and comes to meet a big shot named Robert Spade and becomes more involved than he ever expected. (2) Marx follows a Police Officer named Jean Marx who transfers to Hardan from Urgway and becomes involved with trying to catch The Ashland Vulture and the Salutations Strangler. (3) Salutations follows the crime spree of the Salutations Strangler.

   Once I finish with Lunacy’s Dance and Roxwale, I will be free to focus more of my attention on The Black Sands Saga. I am writing all three novels at the same time and will release them on the Mighty Elite subscription service as often as I can. I hope to have the first installment of Spade available in July and the first installment of Marx available in August at the latest. 


The Red Flux & the King’s Crown

   I don’t have a lot to share about The Red Flux & The King’s Crown at the moment, only that it is a project I intend to begin outlining soon.

   For anyone who isn’t aware, The Red Flux series is a major cornerstone for The Aeonian Fantasy series. When I first started The Red Flux & the Wunderkind Thief, it was never intended to be a full-length novel. It was meant as a novella to further build The Aeonian novel (a whopping 100,000 word manuscript I more-or-less tossed into the garbage back in high school). Instead, I fell in love with The Red Flux and decided it should be a full-fledged Trilogy. The only problem with that is, I can’t share what I wrote of the main-series until close the book on The Red Flux series. Unlike Roxwale: The Heir’s Brother or Katalene the Hollow, The Red Flux is directly connected to The Aeonian, and thereby, they are very intertwined. Long story short, in-order to publish The Aeonian (which will need to be heavily edited and rewritten) and kick-start the main series, I need to write The Red Flux 2 and The Red Flux 3.

   I have taken a lot of time away from The Red Flux since its publication back in 2017 but I look forward to dusting it off and figuring out how I intend to carry on. I have a lot of different projects I need to dedicate myself to, but I intend to begin outlining The Red Flux 2 as soon as I can, and hopefully, I will begin outlining The Red Flux 3 as well, for a fast turnaround for the series.


Syd Altayo

   This is a project I could foresee coming out prior to The Black Sands Saga and most certainly The Red Flux & the King’s Crown because its episodic, light-heart approach. I never intended it at first, but, in a lot of ways, I have series doppelgangers, so to speak. I have series’ that aren’t the same but follow a similar wave length. The Black Sands Saga scratches the itch I had involving crime-drama and the psychology behind serial killers and their behaviors, whereas The Canes series follows the same general concept in a different light. Obviously, The Canes series isn’t as cut-throat for what I have in mind for the Black Sands Saga and that is where parallel lines leave each other in-order to find their own unique path and identity.

   Syd Altayo is a doppelganger to Katalene the Hollow, I think. The only difference is that, where Katalene the Hollow started out as a streamlined adventure novel involving hidden artifacts and tombs and whatnot, only to engage a central conflict through Katalene’s perceptions about God and the cruelties plaguing the Whispey Desert, I hope Syd Altayo will stay as a streamlined adventure, seeing Syd embrace the world of Maharris and its splendor outside the major cities.

   I started the first chapter on the road trip to Tennessee many months ago and I haven’t spent any time on it since then. This is because I have my hands on enough right now and I didn’t want to engage another project just yet. That said, once I close the book on RoxwaleCanes III, and Lunacy’s Dance, which shouldn’t be very long from now, and I throw myself more at The Black Sands Saga, I think Syd Altayo will be a nice occasional pallet cleanser between the editing and writing process.

   Syd Altayo will be the first novel in The Canes that is outside the main-series and will focus on a Great Bilby from the underground city of Graville. Some characters from The Canes series, like Akil and Ajou will appear in the novel.