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   In September 2017, brothers Nicholas McConnaughay and Scott Moore collaborated to create the Mishmashers brand. The mission statement was simple – create a viable platform to share their hard work and passion for storytelling, and to build from that.

   On April 2018, Scott Moore and Nicholas McConnaughay published their novel The Canes Files, a novel that pitted their respective characters against one another – Scott’s character Sanec Barker is a crooked detective for the Marybeth Police Department, whereas McConnaughay’s Vulpecula Noel is a troubled rogue investigator, in search of challenge and his own gratification, a fact he realizes could come at a price. The sequel The Canes Awaken was released in March 2019, whereas a third novel is due out later this year.

   Aside from their collaborations, McConnaughay and Scott Moore have their own solo projects, which include Scott’s Wardens and The Uprising series’s, and McConnaughay’s The Aeonian Fantasy (The Red Flux, Katalene the Hollow, and soon, Roxwale).

   Beyond the Mishmashers Publishing website, the brand extends with our horror outlet Readers Digested and our Fantasy outlet Vinatici, respectively. 



What’s Happening? (Last Updated – 9/18/2020)

The Latest News for McConnaughay and Scott Moore


 The third installment in the Canes series, aptly named The Canes Perception is now available for the Kindle.

   McConnaughay’s The Heir’s Brother will soon be available for pre-order with a release coming October 13th, 2020. We can’t wait for you to read it!

The Rogue’s Gallery



   Besides Mishmashers.com, a website that acts as a direct-line of communication for McConnaughay and Scott Moore to readers, content is bursting at the seams for our crew of misfits. Nicholas McConnaughay writes reviews and records Podcasts on Mashers Club and runs the Mighty Elite subscription service. Meanwhile, when Beccah Grace isn’t helping out at the stands at one of our Comic Con booths, she is working on an upcoming baking and art site called Forbies as part of the Mishmashers brand.